Are you looking to replace a missing or extracted tooth with a dental implant? If so, our dentist may recommend bone grafting as the first step in the process if we discover you do not have enough bone density to support an implant. This can happen when a missing or extracted tooth causes deterioration in the jawbone.

With a bone graft, Dr. Mason Miner can help you restrengthen your jawbone to enhance your appearance and improve your oral health.

What To Expect

Before we begin your bone graft procedure, our dentist will safely administer a local anesthetic to numb the area and ease your discomfort with sedation. Then, during your procedure, our dentist will gather a piece of bone from another part of your body or use artificial bone graft material to replace the missing bone in the jaw. The purpose of this is to stimulate regeneration in the jawbone to ensure your dental implant fits properly. Following your procedure, Dr. Mason Miner will provide you with a list of post-care instructions to encourage a healthy recovery.

Benefits of Bone Grafting in Durango, Colorado

There are many benefits to having a bone graft performed, such as:

  • Restoring a weak jawbone
  • Supporting the teeth and gums
  • Enhancing your facial structure
  • Preventing further bone loss
  • Preparing the area(s) for future implant replacement

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