Our compassionate dentist and team understand many patients can feel uneasy with the high pitch and whining sounds coming from drills and handpieces used at the dentist. Fortunately, at Durango Laser Dentistry, we use electric handpieces and dental lasers to provide a much quieter experience and comfortable experience than those old-fashioned air-drive handpieces.

When Are Electric Handpieces Used?

You will mostly see us use electric handpieces if you need a dental filling smoothed up or a crown to protect a worn-down or broken tooth. These allow us to carefully remove the decayed or damaged portion of the tooth to ensure your restoration fits comfortably. Because they are stronger than traditional handpieces and much quieter, our dentist can safely and quietly address those portions of the tooth quickly and comfortably to save you time during your visit.

Benefits of Electric Handpieces

In addition to providing a quieter experience in the dental chair, electric handpieces are also:

  • Quick and easy to control
  • A smooth experience
  • Built with a motor to ensure reliability

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