Restore your smile after tooth loss with dental bridges at Durango Laser Dentistry. These are fixed restorations, meaning you cannot remove them like you can with dentures. Dental bridges are anchored with two crowns we place in the empty space of your missing tooth to improve the health and function of your smile.

When Are Dental Bridges Necessary?

Dr. Mason Miner may recommend dental bridges if you have one or multiple teeth missing in a row. Without taking care of a missing tooth early on, you can increase your risk of bone loss, gum disease, loose teeth and chronic disease.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Not only can dental bridges restore your smile, but they can also:

  • Ease stress on the bite
  • Help you chew normally
  • Restore speech
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Keep your teeth from shifting
  • Enhance your oral health
  • Add volume in the face
  • Avoid the need for a partial denture

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